5 thoughts on “Influential academics or ‘academic influencers’?

  1. Great blog Susan, you raise some really valid points which I am sure are shared by many researchers. Personally, I think being a researcher is about pushing boundaries and being inquisitive-and, to me, this is exemplified by your growing presence on social media. As a bystander I have really enjoyed seeing how your journey (cringe-I used the word journey) has gone from informative You-Tube videos to the very handy tweetorial on your recently published paper. For what its worth I say keep doing what you’re doing, especially as you are already utilising those little pockets of time!


  2. If you believe in what you’re doing, then you mustn’t care for whatever negativity that’s thrown at you. It’s a good venture that you’re trying to spread the word about science in the world at large in any way you deem possible. Keep going!!!

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