Making science more sustainable!

Well done to our MSci student Katarina Pedersen on making a video for Cancer Research Demsytified about her thesis project, wherein she tested different methods for making biomedical research more sustainable. Katarina did a great job on the video & her project! You can watch here:

This is an extremely important endeavour, as biomedical labs are incredibly wasteful – we power through WAY too much single use plastic, we incinerate way too many bags of hazardous waste, and we use inefficient methods that could really use some improvement!

Katarina wrote an excellent editorial on this topic which you can read here:….

You can find out more about UCL sustainability here:…

And you can find out about the LEAF calculators which Katarina used for her research project here:…

As always, for more content like this – just search Cancer Research Demystified in your favourite social media platform! Thank you!

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