Novel spatial, molecular & imaging approaches to analyse 3D tissue models

Announcing a summer webinar for your viewing pleasure!

And not just viewing – we’ll be hoping to engage you in round table discussions and brainstorming sessions about the future of this exciting field! We’re still confirming the last couple of talk titles before announcing the full programme, but as readers of my blog you can register early here!

About this event

Advances in bioengineering have lead to a wide array of biomimetic 3D tissue models being used to study human health and disease. To best utilize and understand these exciting new models, it is key that we employ effective endpoint analysis that goes beyond traditional imaging or molecular approaches. In recent years, a range of new methods have been developed to interrogate the complex molecular microenvironment and architecture of 3D tissue models, many of which fall under the umbrella of ‘spatial biology’ – recognized recently as Nature’s method of the year 2020!

The aim of this virtual workshop is to meet with academic and industry leaders, to discuss new advances in endpoint analysis of 3D tissue models, including spatial transcriptomics, mass-spectrometry imaging, and highly multiplexed immunofluorescence. New approaches such as these allow us to better understand the biology underpinning our 3D tissue models, and we will compare and contrast their utility during round table discussions. We will share expertise, build networks and consider the future directions of this emerging field.

When the full programme is available I’ll post it here so you can get excited, and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 27th July!

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